CE Marking in Mumbai

The CE mark, or formerly EC mark, is a mandatory conformity marking for certain products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA) since 1985. CE Marking is a mandatory European mark which ensures that a product meets mandatory EU requirements (Requirements related to product safety & user safety) & can be sold freely in European market. Provision of CE Marking has been introduced to minimise effort on checking compliance with different European regulations. This reduces government inspections.

You can see CE Marking on your products like: Cell phone, TV, Refrigerator etc. CE Marking encompasses a wide spectrum of products with a large number of directives. It is a visible sign that the manufacturer of the product is declaring conformity with all of the Directives relating to that product.

Process of CE Marking: Determine which directive is applicable on your product(In order to determine if your product needs a CE marking, you should look in each directive that you judge as related to your product), See whether your product meets requirements specified in the directive or not (by evaluation & testing), Prepare technical file of your products (to know content of technical file contact us on ( info@cdgcertification.com ) Make ‘EU Declaration of Conformity’ on your letterhead, Appoint authorised representative (EU Representative, if you wish to place your products in Europe), Call a notified body / third party agency for certification. Once you have conformed to the requirements laid out in the applicable directive(s), you need to affix the CE marking to your product.

Different Modules of CE Marking are as follows:
• Module A: internal production control
• Module Aa: intervention of a Notified Body
• Module B: EC type-examination
• Module C: conformity to type
• Module D: production quality assurance
• Module E: product quality assurance
• Module F: product verification
• Module G: unit verification
• Module H: full quality assurance

Countries Where CE Marking is Mandatory:
In following countries CE Marking is mandatory Austria, Hungary, Poland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Iceland, Portugal, Ireland, Romania, Italy, Slovakia, Latvia, Slovenia, Liechtenstein, Spain, Denmark, Lithuania, Sweden, Estonia, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Finland, Malta, Turkey, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Greece.

How to obtain CE Marking / How to apply for CE Marking :
Go to download section on our website & download the ‘CE Marking Application Form’. Send us duly filled application for CE marking on our mail id info@cdgcertification.com. To know free information about CE Marking call our Toll free number : 1800 843 0018. CDG Certification Limited is most prominent 'CE Marking provider in Mumbai'. We are one of best CE Marking companies of India & our CE Marking Services is recognised worldwide.

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