What is ISO?
Founded in 1946, ISO is an international organization composed of national standards bodies from over 75 countries.

Where is ISO office located? ISO’s Central Secretariat is located in Geneva Switzerland.

What is work of ISO?
ISO’s main work is to develop new standards or to amend & strengthen existing standards. IAF is the world association of Conformity Assessment Accreditation Bodies and other bodies interested in conformity assessment in the fields of management systems, products, services, personnel and other similar programmes of conformity assessment.

What is work of IAF? IAF’s main work is maintaining and expanding the Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MLA), between accreditation body members, with the aim of reducing risk to business and its customers and ensuring that an accredited certificate may be relied upon anywhere in the world. Developing and harmonizing accreditation practices across the world; and to promote accreditation as an effective mechanism for providing confidence in goods and services, which is essential to global trade facilitation.

Who can provide ISO Certificate?
An independent ISO certification body which is accredited by a valid accreditation board (accreditation board member of IAF) can perform certification activity.

What is a ISO certification body?
An ISO Certification Body or ISO Certification Registrar is an independent organisation which fulfils requirements of an accreditation standard & accreditation. Such organisations are audited by a valid accreditation board & gets authority to issue ISO certificate.

How to identify fake ISO Certificate?
ISO certificate issued by a body which is not accredited by a valid accredited board (IAF Member). Now a day’s people are making fake accreditation board, so always check whether an accreditation board is member of IAF or not. IAF’s website is www.iaf.nu & on following link you can find list of all valid accreditation boards : http://www.iaf.nu/articles/Accreditation_Body_Members_by_Name/52

What is cost of ISO Certificate?
Cost of ISO certificate is base on audit man-days, admin fee & registration fee. Man-day is decided based on IAF MD-5 guidelines. So ISO certification fee differs from organisation to organisation depending on size, locations & scope of certification.

How to apply for ISO Certificate?
Go to download section on our website, download 'application form' & send duly filed application on our mail id’s info@cdgcertification.com or cdgcertification@gmail.com

How to get free information about ‘ISO Certification Process?
Just call on our Toll Free No : 1800 843 0018 or mail us on info@cdgcertification.com to know ISO Certification Process & other information.

What is Validity of ISO Certificate?
ISO certificate is valid for 3 years subjected to successful surveillance audit. Minimum once in a year surveillance audit is done.

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