ISO 14001 Certification in Mumbai

ISO 14001 is an internationally acceptable environmental management system. Now a day environment is a major concern for world. ISO 14001 is a next step towards sustainable development.

ISO 14001 was developed by ISO Technical Committee 207, subcommittee SC1. ISO/TC 207, SC1. This standard defines a set of EMS requirements for organizations to implement environmental management systems. Main purpose of this standard is to help organizations to protect the environment from pollution, and to improve their overall environmental performance of an organization.

Once you’ve established an EMS, you can use it to manage the environmental aspects of your organization’s activities and to improve its overall environmental performance.

ISO 14001 Standard an over view:
General requirements: ISO 14001 general documentation requirements like Environment management system manual, policies, procedures and documentation.

Environmental policy: Environmental policy is a statement which shows organizations vision and mission about EMS.
Planning: EMS planning explains Environmental aspects, Legal and other requirements, Objectives, targets and programme(s) of an organization to ensure proper implementation of ISO 14001 standard.

Implementation and operation: EMS implementation includes the Resources, roles, responsibility and authority, Competence, training and awareness, Communication, Documentation, Control of documents, Operational control, Emergency preparedness and response.

Checking: explains the organization’s processes and measures to Monitoring and measurement, Evaluation of compliance, Nonconformity, corrective action and preventive action, Control of records, Internal audit.

Management review: it explains the procedure to review the environment management system of organization.

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