ISO 22000 Certification in Mumbai

ISO 22000 is a food safety management system developed by developed by the technical committee TC 34/SC 17. ISO 22000 means consensus agreements between all the economic stakeholders concerned: suppliers; users; government regulators; other interest groups, such as consumers. For businesses, the widespread adoption of ISO 22000 means that suppliers can base the development of their products and services on specifications that have wide acceptance in their sectors;

Food safety is a major concern for most of the countries now a day. ISO 22000 certified food companies can trade in different countries easily. This, in turn, means that businesses using ISO 22000 are increasingly free to compete on many more markets around the world.

ISO 22000 can contribute to the quality of life in general by:
• ensuring safe food
• reducing foodborne diseases
• better quality and safer jobs in the food industry
• better utilization of resources
• more efficient validation and documentation of techniques, methods and procedures
• increased profits
• increased potential for economic growth and development

For governments, ISO 22000 provides:
• technological and scientific know-how
• bases for developing health, safety and environmental legislation
• education of food regulatory personnel

ISO 22000 Standard- an over view:
General requirements: Defines the food safety management system of the organization, documentation requirements for FSMS of an organization like: Food safety manual & plans etc.

Management responsibility: Defines the Management commitment to implement FSMS, Food safety policy: defines the policy of organization to implement food safety within the organization, Food safety management system planning: defines the organizations plan to implement the FSMS in organization. Responsibility and authority: defines the responsibility & authority to define and implement the food safety management system within the organization. Food safety team leader, Communication,

Emergency preparedness and response, Management review
Resource management: Provision of resources, Human resources, Infrastructure & Work

Planning and realization of safe products: defines the Prerequisite programmes (PRPs),
Preliminary steps to enable hazard analysis, Hazard analysis, Establishing the operational prerequisite programmes (PRPs), Establishing the HACCP plan, Updating of preliminary information and documents specifying the PRPs and the HACCP, Verification planning, Traceability system & Control of nonconformity.

Validation, verification and improvement of the food safety management system: Defines the organizations’ process for Validation of control measure combinations, Control of monitoring and measuring, Food safety management system verification & Improvement

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