ISO 9001 Certification in Mumbai

ISO 9001 is most prominent QMS certification scheme worldwide. This is considered as a great tool to streamline your business processes & to achieve your business goals through proper implementation of Quality Management System. It creates a system of responsibility & authority in your organisation & hence you become able to use all your resources to fullest strength. Apart from improvement tool ISO 9001 standard also serves you as great marketing weapon. ISO 9001 Certification being widely accepted quality standard improves corporate image of your organisation among your clients, business circle & stake holders.

Government of India is also promoting this standard through different government organisations & always suggest Indian companies to go for this standard in different trade policies also. This is evidenced with foreign trade policy of government of India where it has been mentioned. Different government organisations are promoting this standard in India line MSME & SSI. In government purchase process also ISO 9001 certified vendors are preferred. Some government organisation which prefer ISO 9001 certified vendors are as follows:- RDSO, DGS&D, Indian Railway, Indian Oil etc. In private sector also ISO 9001 certificate serves as qualifying criteria for appointing vendors & subcontracting processes. End customers also understand that an ISO 9001 certified company will provide them competitive products or services.

Main Requirements of ISO 9001 standard are as follows:
Documentation requirements: Quality Manual, Quality Policy & Quality Objectives Quality Procedures & Quality Records, Control of Documents & Control of Records

Management responsibility: Management commitment, Customer focus, Quality management system planning, Responsibility, authority and communication, Management review (through MRM)

Resource management: Human resources management (Competence, training & awareness), Infrastructure (buildings, workspace, equipments and associated utilities), Work environment,

Product realization: Planning of product realization, Customer-related processes, Design and development, Purchasing, Production and service provision, Control of monitoring and measuring equipment.

Measurement, analysis and improvement : Monitoring and measurement (Customer satisfaction, Internal audit, Monitoring and measurement of processes, Monitoring and measurement of product, Control of nonconforming product, Analysis of data, Continual improvement, Corrective action, Preventive action)

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