Kosher Certification in Mumbai

Kosher is a Jewish dietary law which is also known as Kashrut (Jewish dietary law). Kosher is a religious dietary practice that is rooted in Jewish tradition. Kosher is a Hebrew word which means fit or proper. Kosher certification is a process through which a company ensures that their food is kosher, or we can say that it is fit for consumption by Jews. Kosher certification is for food and other edible products and the products which come in contact with food products.

Kosher certification is required to export food products in Israel, USA & Europe. Now a day's Kosher certified food is in demand. So the importers prefer the Kosher certified food product exporters. Demand of kosher certified products is growing very quickly. In past few years, sales of kosher certified products have grown rapidly. All Natural' and 'No Additives or Preservatives are considered as Kosher products. For millions of consumers, the kosher certified products have become synonymous with accountability, quality and food safety.

CDG is a prominent kosher certification agency in Mumbai Maharashtra. We provide kosher certification services to food industry. CDG provides Kosher certification services in Mumbai, Kosher certification services in Pune, Kosher certification services in Maharashtra.

Kosher certification process Kosher certification process has been affected by significant changes in the food industry specially in terms of technology and in fact more than 80% products offered by the food industry contains pre-processed ingredients. Industrialization presents inexorable pace of change in industrial procedures and the complexity of foodstuffs and ingredients which ultimately introduced the significant challenges for the kosher certification process.

Step 1 Fill application to start kosher certification process. Provide information about your company and your plants, as well as product list to get kosher certified, and their ingredients.
Step 2 Application review by Rabbi
Step 3 Plant inspection by Rabbi to observe your operation and the feasibility of certifying your products
Step 4 Review of inspection report will be reviewed by the Rabbinical Council
Step 5 Issuance of a “letter of certification” (Kosher Certificate)
Step 6 Submission of product labels carrying the Kosher symbol for our final approval

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